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The broad goal of the Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (SPP) is to serve the interests of scientists working in any area of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles, independent of their scientific discipline, be it chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry or material science.


ICPP-11 Buffalo, NY USA

ICPP-11 in Buffalo NY. USA has been POSPTONED until 2021

More information will appear in September 2020.

Current and future activities

Sponsoring ICPP

Attempt to provide the maximum supplemental financial support to participants of this meeting with the help of its membership dues.

Negotiate discounted rates

Help to negotiate discounted rates on meetings and books of interest to the membership.

Provide grants

Provide a limited number of grants to attend meetings such as ICPP.

Provide funds for awards

Raise or provide funds to support the Outstanding Young Investigator Awards given at ICPP.

Administrative help

Provide administrative help to SPP National Representatives or their designates wishing to organize meetings or other related P and Pc activities in their home country.

SPP Membership

Join the society or renew your membership
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Grouped years : 2021-2022

Deluxe SPP/JPP membership (2-year)* US$ 719.00 719.00€
Full SPP membership (2-year) US$ 130.00 130.00€
Student SPP membership (2-year) US$ 80.00 80.00€

Year : 2021

Deluxe SPP/JPP membership* US$ 375.00 375.00€
Full SPP membership US$ 70.00 70.00€
Student SPP membership US$ 40.00 40.00€

Year : 2020

Deluxe SPP/JPP membership* US$ 365.00 365.00€
Full SPP membership US$ 70.00 70.00€
Student SPP membership US$ 40.00 40.00€

Immediate benefits

  • discounted registration fee for participation at ICPP meetings
  • discounted personal subscription rate to JPP (the official SPP journal)
  • discounted member only purchase price of the Handbook of Porphyrin Science
  • awarding of several SPP grants to student participants at ICPP meetings

*The Deluxe membership also includes an “e-only” subscription to the Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (offer only available to SPP members).



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